You are here for a reason.

You’re so ready to get over your ex.
You’re sick of playing out the same unhealthy patterns.
You need to build some effing boundaries.

I’m here to help.

You’re ready to be a priority and not just an option. To re-find yourself and your confidence.

My purpose as a coach is to help you do just that.

Co-Host of The Ex-Philes: Breakups, Broken Hearts and Moving On

There sure seem to be a lot of narcissists out there today, right? The number of people who have been affected by narcissism appears to be skyrocketing, but are we missing the point when we put labels on behaviors rather than describing them? We have looked forward to covering the topic of “narc abuse” and the reality of how narcissism shows up in relationships since the beginning of the show and today we have a great expert to open the conversation with. Welcome to the show, Chris Gritti! Chris Gritti is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and mental health coach who supports people in taking a proactive approach to moving beyond pain and trauma to thrive, especially in recovering from toxic relationships. He has a great TickTock channel where he discusses both relating to the toxic person in your life and healing from relationships with them. And while Chris has intimate experiences with more than one narcissist in his life, he focuses on moving past trying to diagnose someone and toward healing. And he doesn’t hold back! Buckle your seatbelt – this interview is a wild ride! We discuss: -How a toxic person gains a hold on someone -The different types of narcissism -Why labeling people or trying to diagnose them distracts us from healing -Why it’s easy to stay stuck in talking about how narcissistic an ex is keeps us stuck -How to take our power back after a toxic relationship -Why being too nice or feeling sorry for a toxic person sets us up for a TON of misery Chris is a lot of fun and has a great approach to relationships. Want to see him in action? TickTock: https://www.tiktok.com/discover/Chris-Gritti Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_nittigritti/ Website: https://thenittigritti.com/ Want more Ex-Philes action? Head over to the podcast Instagram @exphilespodcast and follow Clair @clairlofthouse and Janice @Janiceformichella. And if you’d like to join our online community, find us on Facebook at Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On.  We want to know you and for you to know us! Love Ex-Philes? Please help others find it by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Ex-Philes is an inclusive space for all adults who are looking to heal their hearts and have happy relationships. We believe that love is love and that there are a wide variety of different types of relationships and that all are valid. We recognize each individual's right to self-identify. As podcast hosts, we are dedicated to making this a safe space for all and strive to portray that in our content. We welcome feedback around our efforts and thank you for being a part of the community.
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Working with Clair was enlightening, positive, and safe. I was a little nervous before we began… Clair quickly set the tone, however, and by the end I felt heard and comfortable.

I have spoken to a lot of psychologists before. For some reason, I was not able to speak to them as candidly as I had hoped. Something about Clair’s personality allows one to feel listened to and heard, and I think that was the catalyst for getting me to open up and allow this process to work.

I could not have picked a better person to listen, as Clair is kind, unbiased, and forgiving. I admitted and spoke about things I would not generally feel comfortable to do. It’s not always pleasant sharing your darkest thoughts – but by sharing with Clair, I was able to get another perspective. Her analysis and advice was invaluable. I now understand I was being a little hard on myself, so I appreciate her allowing me to air everything out. 


Carol B.

Clair held a safe space where we co-created meaningful goals and actions to help me get out of an unfulfilling and stuck place in my life.  I felt totally seen and validated with her deep listening, powerful questions and constant encouragement.  I was able to take the proverbial shackles off, and make lasting changes that support my heart and soul.  If you are ready to make powerful shifts in your life, Clair is the coach for you!

Katie B.

Clair is a wonderful coach: anyone would be lucky to have her as a guide! When we started, I was at a crossroads of making definite plans: I wanted to control my inability to overthink things and move through a project without time delays. Coaching was a good opportunity to vent to an objective voice and receive constructive feedback and insight.

Miss No-Boundaries,

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