What makes you excited to get out of bed?

Yesterday, my boyfriend said that he sometimes felt like even normal life was like jail. I’m like, Whhaaattt?! He went on, that after work we get to go home and make our own choices but we still have to get up in the morning, usually before we are ready, and go to the same place to do the same things for a certain duration and there’s not much free will involved with the majority of our time.

I was kind of shocked and saddened by the comparison. I haven’t felt that way in a long time, because I know that what I do is different.

What I do is really enjoyable, partly because I’m good at it. What I do is of high service and is worthy of my time. I feel fulfilled coming to work because I am making a difference.

So, I wanted to say, if you feel like your job is a jail, you’ve got to change that. Feeling that way is a choice. Connect to the good that you do. If there is no good to being there, maybe you need to break out.

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