Getting Out of The Comfort Zone Series (Part 1)

Welcome to my Three Part series sharing hacks to get you out of the comfort zone!

Already read Part One? Here’s Part Two.

When you are in the comfort zone, literally everything in your lizard brain is telling you that you should keep everything the same.

It is comfortable, after all. Why leave? Why change? Why tip the apple cart? Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable.

But, your advanced human intelligence is fighting your liazard brain: you’ve got goals, and you want to see them met.

So, how do you break this cycle of want, fear, stay?

You have to put some pressure on yourself.

Great news! Your lizard brain responds to pressure. Pressure is not comfortable!

If you can just get the courage to use the pressure-causing tactics that I’ll be talking about over the course of this week, you will be able to make your lizard brain work with you rather than against you.

The first pressure that you can put on your lizard brain is social. We are social beings, so what other people see and think really, really matters to our little lizard nogin.

If you have a goal, tell your friends, tell your following, tell the world!

I am doing that right now. It was nervewracking, but I did it. And you can too! It feels so good to finally be taking steps towards my lifelong dream of starting a business.

Getting past that lizard brain takes some doing, but it is possible. Now that I have told everyone my intentions, I actually have to follow through!

Think of your goal. Do you think you’d be more motivated to achieve it if your social circles knew that you were shooting for it?

Here is part two on how to get yourself out of the comfort zone and on track to your goals!

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