Getting Out of The Comfort Zone Series (Part 2)

Welcome to my Three Part series on hacks to break you out of your comfort zone! Can’t find the part you are looking for? Here’s Part One and Part Three.

A couple days ago, I spoke about how to use self-inflicted social pressure to get your lizard brain to work for your intelligent human brain.

Maybe self-inflicted has the wrong ring to it… How about structured? You put structure in place, and telling your social circles your intention lit the fuse, so that there is no way that your lizard brain can keep you in the comfort zone.

(Missed Part One? No excuses. Find it here.)

Today, we will discuss another powerful way to get you to do the scary, uncomfortable thing that you most want to do.

It’s called, put your money where your mouth is.

Okay, so maybe your goals are not like mine. Let’s keep it really simple.

Say that your goal is to stop your habit of not doing dishes right after meals. What is an amount of money that you would feel pretty bad about losing? $200? $500?

What if you put $500 into an account that you can’t easily withdraw from. You say to yourself, I can use that $500 for a trip to Hawaii, only if I meet the requirement of doing the dishes when I should every day for a month.

Though saving money is really a great thing, your lizard brain is like, “I WANT HAWAII”. You’re going to be much more incentivised to follow through.

When you feel like slacking, you are going to be like, “I WANT HAWAII”.

Another option is to go nuclear- cut up your credit card and don’t order a new one until it’s paid off.

A couple days ago we talked about the “stick” of social pressure, and now we start using the “carrot” of putting money on the line.

For me, the money invested acts more like a “stick”. Though a brick and mortar business has WAY higher startup costs and overhead than an online business, there is still a significant amount of investment, as I am finding out.

There are website building costs, website hosting costs, legal costs, photography, continuing education so that I am always on the cutting edge… The list goes on. Before putting money down, I could walk away. Now that I have begun to spend, my energy is invested.

I am a huge believer in money acting as a stand in for energy. You earn it through spending energy. You get other people’s energy when you spend it. When you invest a lot of money into something, your energy follows!

I also have my “carrot”. I have always wanted to start my own purpose driven business. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, so I did not grow up with the language associated with having a boss, or only receiving a certain amount each paycheck, or really even getting paychecks.

My parents taught me that if you want more, then you get smarter and work harder. I’ve inherited a whole lot of grit from my parents. But, back to the point, I’m hungry for the carrot of building a sustainable business that helps people.

Here is Part Three with one more tip to get you out of the comfort zone and on track to your goals.

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