Getting Out of The Comfort Zone Series (Part 3)

I’ve been talking about getting out of the comfort zone of not chasing your dreams and smashing your goals. Dude- chasing and smashing is not comfortable! We’ve been working with our lizard brains instead of fighting them by using free social pressure and putting our money where our mouths are.

Today, my advice is to take that large goal, whatever it may be, and break it down into small steps that are easier for you to wrap your head around. By breaking it down, way down, you’re little coiled up lizard brain can yawn, scratch it’s head and slither out of it’s nest because catching a little goal seems much more comfortable than chasing a big goal that may only be achieved over a year of small steps.

For me, my big goal of starting a life coaching business is really, really scary. But, I’ve now outlined the steps. Study to become a certified life coach. Check. Website. Check. Social media. Check. Talking to the people that I want to help. That’s you! Yo, whassup, hello! And onwards and upwards.

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