Another New Year Blog About Mindset- One Thing That You Can Do To Drive Yourself Less Crazy in 2018

This one is different I promise.

And good!

Come on, it is a list blog… With ONE item! Read on, valiant blog reader.

Each time a New Year rolls around, it seems like everyone gets the simultaneous cue to stop, take a second and reflect. People reflect on where they have been (thanks, 2017. It’s been a real eye-opener), and set goals for the new year.

new year 2

This year is no different. As the “9 Best” of Instagram posts start flooding everyone’s feed, and every other picture is a post comparing the coming year to a 365 page book, its hard not to join the nostalgia and obsessive goal-setting.

In the spirit of the times, I join you now to share a mindset shift that I have found naturally occurring to me. I hope that becoming aware of a new way of thinking can help you in some small way.

When you really want something and you fight and fight for it, but it just doesn’t work out it can be really easy to get down on yourself. We’ve all been there.

But what I have found -over many disappointments, heartaches and frustrations- is it ALWAYS works itself out.


There is ALWAYS something better waiting in the wings.

Every. single. time.

Maybe it is human nature to believe that the situation that worked out is naturally better than the situation that failed, but I’ll take it.

new year 1

After realizing that, the best thing started happening to me; When something doesn’t work out, I get excited!

Like, dang, I thought it would be cool if things went this way, but DANG, whatever is coming is going to be a BEAST!

Classic Clair enthusiasm right there, but you get me?

Things don’t work out for a reason. Call it a Universe thing or a God thing or whatever. Time will work it’s magic.

So, for all you overachievers out there, feeling like the New Year just means a time to add more goals and aspirations to your plate- I say, give yourself a break.

So, here is your list:

  1. Don’t set or sweat over goals. If you want to, then great. If you don’t want to set goals for the New Year, I am here to give you permission to stand strong in the face of overwhelming pressure. If you set goals and don’t meet them, you are not a failure. Let yourself be surprised.

You are doing a great job. You are doing enough. Enjoy where you are at. Know that when the timing is right, things will flow. Force rarely works and sure doesn’t feel good.

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