It All Adds Up

It all adds up. Every chapter of your story is what gave you what you needed for the next challenge. Keep going.

For me, every hard breakup added up. The gaslighting, insecure guy; the long-term relationship that gave me so much safety and warmth yet wasn’t meant to last forever; the whirlwind/dumpster fire of a relationship with the combat vet; the guy who was nice but had polar opposite goals… it all added up.

For me, it lead to my calling.

I help women get over their ex while changing unhealthy patterns so that they never ignore red flags again.

You may still be figuring out what all this struggle is preparing you for. If that’s the case, let’s act as if.

Your thoughts create your emotions which create your reality. So act as if.

Act as if you’re there.

“I see now what this was all for. I am so grateful for who I am today and for what I learnt. I wouldn’t change a thing. I did it. I understand and I am thankful.”

You got yourself here.

You made it through every dark night of the soul (I’ve had several 😅).

You’re not the same woman who started this journey. You’ve learnt so much. You’ve become more than you could have been without your trials.

You’ve learnt strength. And although you’re no longer naive, you can stay soft.

So keep going. Tap into how you’ll feel in the future when it all comes together. Tap into how you’ll feel when it all makes sense and you have arrived.

If you want additional help getting yourself here faster (I know I would have loved the support when I was struggling), book a complimentary initial session. Whether we end up working together long term, I know it’ll help.

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