I Wrote For SwiftFit.net!

An article I wrote was featured on fitness and lifestyle blog, SwiftFit.net!

All unhealthy patterns were initially intended to protect; they started as survival mechanisms. Along the way, what started as a way to avoid or get us out of pain stopped serving our best interest. 

As we get older, we start to gain more awareness and we start wanting to go further than where our unhealthy patterns have gotten us. We start to see that there is a better way to be: a happier, more free way to be. The patterns that got you here no longer serve you. 

Thank them. They have been working hard at protecting you. Thank them and then relieve them of their duties. It’s time for the new guard. 

There are four steps to successfully changing unhealthy relationship patterns.” 

For the four steps, check out the article here!

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