In Their Own Words: Dani

Welcome to a new interview series where I share exactly what my previous clients have experienced during their coaching series in their own words. With their permission, I have shared their responses. Every person I have worked with is unique and I am honored to have both aided their healing and been touched by their lives. It is my goal —and my experience— that I learn as much from my clients as I hope they have learned from me.
– Clair

What was happening in your life when we first connected? What kinds of goals were you struggling with, and what were you trying to create, attract, shift, or launch?

I was dealing with a recent long term relationship ending, moving to a new city, and trying to begin a new connection with a troublesome partner.

What was the trigger or light switch moment that made you decide to say “YES!” to coaching?

When I had the first meeting with you! It was so nice to be able to talk to a professional when most of your friends have started to say you should talk to a therapist because I’m not sure what to say to you anymore. You were very sweet and made me feel super comfortable!

How did you feel, going into our first session together?

I was excited to see what advice you had to give me and strategies for different ways of thinking about these things.

And what had shifted or crystallized for you, throughout our series?

I realized that I can give myself the closure that other people couldn’t

What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed in yourself, and how is it manifesting in your career, inner world and relationships?

I think I’m a lot better at recognizing patterns that I don’t want to be part of. I have the confidence to know how to ask for what I want and if someone isn’t willing to participate with me it’s okay to leave that relationship.

If you had to describe your coaching experience in 3 words, what would they be?

I have power.

If you’d like to add anything else, please do!

Thank you so much Clair! I had a great time working with you even though the topic was hard for me so I believe that means you did a great job. You helped me change my attitude about my future relationship endeavors and I really needed that. I’m doing really well now and I hope my next long term relationship is better than ever!

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