In Their Own Words: Jacob

Welcome to a new interview series where I share exactly what my previous clients have experienced during their coaching series in their own words. With their permission, I have shared their responses. Every person I have worked with is unique and I am honored to have both aided their healing and been touched by their lives. It is my goal —and my experience— that I learn as much from my clients as I hope they have learned from me.
– Clair

Describe who you are and what made you consider coaching:

I’m a man in my mid-twenties coming out of a heterosexual relationship with a younger woman. I’m a lover of podcasts, so in the initial days after my breakup, I simply typed “breakups” into the podcasts app. That’s how I found Clair and Janice’s podcast! Before discovering this podcast, I never knew breakup coaching was something that I could even consider. Clair’s episode on attachment styles is what made me really want to try coaching with her. Initially I was questioning if Clair’s practice was set up to work with men as clients; I learned that her lessons are universal and she is certainly equipped to help just about everyone with what they’re struggling with. She will work to make the coaching process personalized and effective for unique circumstances, and for that I am very grateful.

What was your life/breakup/relationship like before you started working with me? (Like, what were the tangible things you were stuck in and/or the emotional effects of being stuck?)

I was my own worst critic; I was constantly placing undue shame and guilt on myself. Before working with Clair, I felt absolutely stuck in a whirlpool of questions, I found myself repeatedly going back to the “why” of my breakup. I was lacking confidence, I was being self-defeating, and I was feeling more alone than ever before. Working with Clair helped me to address all of these struggles.

What did working with me do for you? What changed?

Clair helped me get my Confidence-with-a-capital-C back! I feel like a brand new person; I am completely different than the man I was four months ago, and working with Clair helped to get me to where I am now. Clair helped me believe in myself and my worth, she helped me to put my ex-partner in the past and keep her there, and she helped me see into my own future in ways I hadn’t in years. The “glow up” program is definitely achieving what it is designed to!

What are the emotional effects of having someone to walk with you through this?

The value of processing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions with an unbiased professional (who wants nothing more than to help) cannot be overstated. There’s only so much processing I can do with friends, parents, or my own journal; having someone to walk through my feelings with has made all the difference in my healing. Clair helped me to ask the questions of myself I didn’t know I should be asking, she gently widened my perspective of relationships and partners (past and future), and she challenged me to put the work in for my own benefit and no one else’s; I believe I wouldn’t have experienced any of that if Clair was not my coach.

What would you tell someone who is considering signing up for coaching? 🙂

If even a small part of you is considering coaching, I would strongly encourage you to sign up for one of Clair’s plans. What do you have to lose? Clair’s coaching service give you an incredible bang for your buck, and if it’s within your means, you will not regret the expense, I promise. When you finish your program, you will have the tools you need to build yourself up better than ever before. Often times coaching/counseling services can make me anxious or intimidated, but not with Clair. She does a masterful job of making the coaching process the right mixture of challenging and stimulating, while simultaneously ensuring that the experience is a welcoming and gentle one that isn’t too fast or too slow, but is just right. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, or status in life; Clair has the expertise and skills to help you with your unique situation. This will be the best money you spend on yourself all year, and you deserve it!

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