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An article I wrote was featured on fitness and lifestyle blog,! “All unhealthy patterns were initially intended to protect; they started as survival mechanisms. Along the way, what started as a way to avoid or get us out of pain stopped serving our best interest.  As we get older, we start to gain moreContinue reading “I Wrote For!”

I Wrote For!

An article I wrote, “3 Workouts to Try After a Breakup” was featured on! “To help you get off the couch, here are three workouts to try that not only will hack your brain into feeling a little better, but will help with three key aspects that add to the devastation of a breakup:Continue reading “I Wrote For!”

10 Tips to Read Before Dating Again

Dating can be intimidating at the best of times, but after a breakup dating is especially intimidating. How do you know when you are ready? How do you know that someone won’t just hurt you again? The short answer is that you don’t. However, by considering the next 10 pieces of advice, you’ll be in good shape to start dating again when you are ready.

It All Adds Up

It all adds up. Every chapter of your story is what gave you what you needed for the next challenge. Keep going.

Dating Myths That Are Flat Out Lies

Sometimes, we pre-break our heart by telling ourselves stories. Some of these stories are so common, that they have reached myth status. Today, I’ll be working through some of the most common myths about dating and men that make dating so much harder on your heart than they have to be.

Asleep At The Wheel of Life?

I’ve been asleep at the wheel. In fact, it felt like my efforts at steering the car have been exclusively in times of crisis, like I would reach across the center console and grab the wheel to swerve out of oncoming traffic. But then I go back to the passenger seat.

How to Stop Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thoughts

While it is important for you to not beat yourself up yet again because you are having negative thoughts and limiting beliefs (the irony), there are some tactics you can try to get the upper hand.

How to Know He’s The One

I’ve had my share of different relationships. I’ve thought I found The One a couple times. A part of me believes in The One, and another part of me believes there are multiple One’s. There’s The First One, The Soul Mate For Another Life, The One That Catalyzes You Into Who You Are Meant ToContinue reading “How to Know He’s The One”

Fear or Intuition?

It’s been hard for me to tell the difference between my intuition and fear. However, because it has been hard for me, I’ve gotten the chance to personally try a bunch of tactics for getting in touch with my intuition.

Another New Year Blog About Mindset- One Thing That You Can Do To Drive Yourself Less Crazy in 2018

Each time a New Year rolls around, it seems like everyone gets the simultaneous cue to stop, take a second and reflect. People reflect on where they have been (thanks, 2017. It’s been a real eye-opener), and set goals for the new year. 
This year is no different. As the “9 Best” of Instagram posts start flooding everyone’s feed, and every other picture is a post comparing the coming year to a 365 page book, its hard not to join the nostalgia and obsessive goal-setting.

Getting Out of The Comfort Zone Series (Part 1)

When you are in the comfort zone, literally everything in your lizard brain is telling you that you should keep everything the same. It is comfortable, after all. Why leave? Why change? Why tip the apple cart? Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. But, your advanced human intelligence is fighting your liazard brain: you’ve got goals, and you want to see them met.

Investing is Scary!

But, how else are you going to start your dream? Money flows, comes and goes. You have to direct it towards the things that you want in order for them to give back. Sometimes, things only have value when you have put your money towards them. You can make your lazy, stubborn lizard brain careContinue reading “Investing is Scary!”


You’ve got to ask for something in order to receive it. Asking for what you want ties into knowing what you want, which I talked about in my last post. Knowing what you want is all well and good, but you’re never going to get your goals by being silent. Speak up! Say what you’reContinue reading “Asking”

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