I Wrote For SwiftFit.net!

An article I wrote was featured on fitness and lifestyle blog, SwiftFit.net! “All unhealthy patterns were initially intended to protect; they started as survival mechanisms. Along the way, what started as a way to avoid or get us out of pain stopped serving our best interest.  As we get older, we start to gain moreContinue reading “I Wrote For SwiftFit.net!”

I Wrote For NathaliaFit.com!

An article I wrote, “3 Workouts to Try After a Breakup” was featured on NathaliaFit.com! “To help you get off the couch, here are three workouts to try that not only will hack your brain into feeling a little better, but will help with three key aspects that add to the devastation of a breakup:Continue reading “I Wrote For NathaliaFit.com!”