Here are some resources I created for you. Each covers a specific aspect of a breakups.

Recognizing Relationship Patterns Worksheet

Recognizing your own relationship patterns is the first step to changing what is unhealthy and focusing on what is healthy.

Healing the Healthy Way

This PDF will share some of my favorite tools to help you heal after a breakup. These are the things that have helped myself and my clients through healing from heartbreak the healthy way.

Social Media Post-Breakup

When your heart is broken, the last thing you want to do is play your own publicist online. This PDF is about all things social media post-breakup. What to do with your pictures, unfollowing or blocking, Snapchat, and more.

How to Date Again Post-Breakup

How to know when you are ready to date again, how to protect your heart, gain confidence, use the apps, and more! This interactive PDF is a great starting point when you are thinking about getting back out there.

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